Roofs provide us the safety and security from all kinds of threats and weather severities, but to keep them in pristine condition, we need to maintain regular care and repair. If it has been long since you have painted your roof, then it’s time to check it for probably paint job.

Does your roof look faded, patchy, and severely weathered? Are you looking for a fresh new look at your property with a fresh coat of paint? Whatever the motive is, if you are looking for professional roof painting services, we are just a call away.

Let The Painting Season Begin!

Before initiating any painting job, our professionals ensure that the surface that needs paint is fully prepared. In the case of roof painting, we follow the following steps.

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Following Steps

To get rid of the dust, dirt grime, and mold first, we wash the roof with a pressure wash to obtain a clean, dirt-free surface.

After cleaning, our team will thoroughly check the roof for any lost or broken tile.

If there is any loose or broken tile, we tend to repair it before engaging in roof painting services to save the roof from leakage and dislocation.

  • It offers protection to your roof from climatic conditions.
  • A fresh coat of paint prohibit the growth of any moldy organism i.e., algae or fungi
  • It enhances the curb appeal of your property.
  • It enhances the property value.

Choosing the right color for your roof is crucial to achieving the overall painting objectives. All In One Renovation experts will access and discuss the material, color, and paint ideal for your roof. If you reside in any suburbs of Sydney, Australia, it is prudent to opt for UV-resistant paint.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver the painting job, keeping up with the highest quality standards as we intend to deliver the no-fuss experience to our clients.

Why choose All In One Renovation?

The roof is considered the significant foundation of your home that demands acute care. So, the significance of hiring a professional painting company is second to none. At All In One Renovation, we take pride in offering

Extensive experience:

With experience comes perfection, and we have 17 years of experience in the painting service industry. During these years, we have completed countless projects and seen various challenges.

Locally owned business:

We share an extreme passion for painting and thus go above and beyond to deliver the above-expectation services.


Skilled, licensed, and trained staff:

To deliver the ultimate peace of mind to our esteemed client, we have screened, licensed, bonded, and insured painters. Also, our team goes through rigorous training sessions to equip them with the latest skills.


With All In One Renovation, you get transparent and honest quotes for your roof painting projects. Our prices are final, and there are no hidden charges involved.

If you need professional painters with more than a decade of experience in the industry, look no further than All In One Renovation.

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